Connection Between Arthritis And Sugar

Most people who experience the pain of arthritis are unaware of the connection between pain and sugar. This is rarely if ever mentioned by medical practitioners. But it is a simple question of bio chemistry.

David Gillespie in his book sweet poison refers to sugar as a poison to our system and is the number one block to weight loss.

It is important to understand which sugars are a problem. Basically all carbohydrates break down to sugar when metabolized. It doesn’t matter whether it is candy or potato in the end it’s all the same.

But it is the rate that this breakdown occurs that is of interest to the arthritis sufferer.

Sugar rich foods can be broken down into two groups. Healthy carbohydrates and junk carbs.

Junk carbs include cake, cookies, chocolate, candy, pastries, soft drink or sodas, cordial, you get the picture. There is not much room for misunderstanding what a junk carb is. If you are honest with yourself you will be clear about junk carbs.

This group of carbohydrates are to be avoided, the sugar is rapidly absorbed, this sugar is directly directed into a biochemical pathway which results in pro-inflammatory chemicals being produced, which result in pain.

The second group of carbohydrates is broadly defined as healthy. This includes staples such as bread rice, spaghetti, potato and noodles, grains, and dairy products. Plus fruit and vegetables.

The staples can further be divided into fast and slow absorbers. Potato, white rice and white bread all digest quickly and release their sugars into the blood stream at much the same rate as junk carbs. These foods should be eaten sparingly.

Spaghetti, oats, basmati rice are the best of the staples. But they should still be eaten in quantities less than found in the usual American and Australian diets.

Fruits are fine but should only be consumed as whole fruit, just two to three pieces per day. Fruit juices contain a huge amount of fruit sugar. They are a meal in themselves.

Vegetables are in fact the best of the carbohydrates. With the exception of potatoes. Green leafy vegetables and sweet potato are the best meal choices.

Dairy products can also be good and bad. On the one hand you have milk and plain natural yoghurt, on the other you have sweetened yoghurt and flavoured milks, the latter being bad arthritis choices.

Have a look in your pantry. How much processed, package foods do you have. To give yourself the best chance to relieve your pain, stick with the good carbs and dump the junk.

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